BOOM: Clinton Campaign Video Already Out Showing Pence Lied About Trump’s Own Words


CNN’s pundit panel was pretty sure that Mike Pence won the debate against Tim Kaine, however, we disagree. Lying your ass off does not make you a winner. And oh boy, did Pence lie! It was as if he didn’t think we heard all those things Donald Trump has  said. Even as Pence said Trump’s campaign was not insult-driven, the GOP nominee was unleashing mean-girl tweets.

Pence blamed Secretary Clinton for the nation’s Iraq policy — created by Bush, and supported by Donald Trump. It was lie after lie after lie. So OK, Kaine interrupted him, but Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton 51 times during the presidential debate. We suppose that makes the bigoted Governor a better candidate than his running mate. Pence came off much cooler than Trump. Meaning, he lies with ease.

So, just like that, the Clinton campaign came out with a video to highlight just a few of Pence’s lies.

As notes, ‘Pence also feels that calling someone “deplorable” is worse than labelling someone a “rapist” or “murderer”’

Kaine responded, “Did Donald Trump apologize for calling women ‘slobs,’ ‘pigs,’ ‘dogs,’ ‘disgusting’?”

“Did he apologize for saying African Americans are living in hell? Did he apologize for saying President Obama was not even a citizen of the United States?,” he asked. “You will look in vain to see Donald Trump ever taking responsibility for anybody and apologizing.”

Pence reinvented his running mate and tried to display a kinder, gentler candidate. One that does not exist. Trump, the GOP presidential candidate who rages against political correctness while insulting minorities, women and veterans, didn’t really say all of those things that are well documented. Riiiighht!

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