Boston ‘Free Speech Rally’ Insists No Affiliation With Charlottesville, Invites Same Speaker


Saturday’s rally in Boston has been touted by organizers as a “Free Speech Rally,” as though there’s any question at all whether Americans have absolute freedom of speech today. It’s a common theme, despite the fact that when the Charlottesville Nazis held their event, it was the ACLU that won them the right to hold it in Emancipation Park, their originally planned site.

What’s more, according to the Boston organizers, the two events are unrelated. Which is funny, at least one of the same speakers scheduled for Charlottesville — and many of the same political persuasion — were scheduled to speak at the Boston rally.

In addition to “Augustus Invictus,” Boston’s radical right rally is hosting some Confederate types, as well as one man who is currently facing felony assault charges for beating anti-fascist protesters in Berkeley over the head with a leaded stick.

The schedule shown here very carefully lists an orderly, peaceful “demonstration,” complete with a moment of silence for the murder victim at the last rally held by their compatriots. But even commenters on Boston Free Speech’s own post know that some of these headliners are known for violent conflict:

The first reference here is to Tammy Lee, a right-wing agitator for the “American Freedom Keepers,” a group that showed up in full force for the 2014 showdown with the Bureau of Land Management over Cliven Bundy’s illegal grazing operation in Nevada. “Chapman” is of course, Kyle Chapman, or as he is now known in fascist circles on the internet, “Based Stickman.” He is the individual facing felony assault charges.

Given the time and inclination, I’m sure I could find something on nearly every single one of the scheduled speakers that concretely aligns them with the exact mindset that murdered Heather Heyer. It took me all of five seconds to find this blog entry from Garret Kirkland, defending the “free speech” of a young man making terrorist threats in Massachusetts in the wake of the Boston Bombing. Tammy “Never Hillary” Lee proudly has photos of herself and her pro-Trump militia pals in a public folder on her Facebook page, depicting multiple shots of heavily armed folks on their way to the Bundy ranch.

Joe Biggs, who goes by the hilarious Twitter handle Rambobiggs, has been live-tweeting the event leading up to the speakers, who began at noon on Saturday. Biggs has been busy retweeting right-wing assholes like Dinesh D’Souza and John Cardillo:

Nope! This should be nothing at all like the Charlottesville rally. Let’s hope no one loses their life at the hands of right-wing extremists this time.

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