Brand New Illinois Rep. Sends Letter Demanding ‘Tapes’ To Trump’s Lawyer


When Illinois’ 8th congressional district elected Raja Krishnamoorthi, he got right to work.

He took office just before Donald Trump was inaugurated, and surprised everyone as one of the few Illinois Democrats who attended. Rep. Krishnamoorthi clarified his reasoning:

I want President Trump to look at the crowd and Congress and see on day one that he will be strongly opposed if he continues to pursue policies that hurt working families.

That set the tone for what was to come. By the following day, Krishnamoorthi was addressing a quarter million people at the Chicago Women’s March:

Today’s march was about people from every walk of life coming together to declare their support for the rights of women and all Americans. Women’s rights are human rights.

Now that he’s on a roll, there’s no stopping him. Krishnamoorthi was quickly appointed to the House Oversight Committee, and that’s where he can really do some good. In fact, he started Friday. Maybe you saw Donald Trump’s tweet threatening former FBI Director James Comey:

Krishnamoorthi saw it too. Being on the Oversight Committee, he felt compelled to send a letter to Trump’s lawyer, Don McGahn. In the letter, he requested confirmation of any existent tapes, and copies of them if they were real. He wanted to know how any recordings had been made, and who they were recording. He even threw a little shade at Trump for allowing Russian media into his otherwise private meeting with Sergey Lavrov.

There probably are no tapes, honestly. Nobody thinks Trump is smart enough to think of recording his own office. But he is devious enough, so just in case, Illinois’ newest Representative covered every base he could think of. Now it just remains to be seen whether Trump’s lawyer will even respond.

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