Bring On The Memes: Melania Plagiarized Part Of Trump’s Second Wife’s Speech (TWEETS)


The last time Melania Trump delivered a speech was at the Republican National Convention and after that, it was found that she stole a few lines from Mrs. Obama’s speech at the Democratic convention in 2008. The Internet exploded with memes and jokes because hey, her speech sounded good for a reason. It was Michelle Obama’s speech and we like her.

At her husband’s campaign rally in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, she gave a big speech on Thursday. The only problem here is that she appears to have lifted a section of it from Marla Maples, Donald’s second wife.

Senior writer at Tablet Mag Yair Rosenberg tweeted out some examples: “If you could dream it, you could become it.”

Benjy Sarlin of NBC found the same result.

A historian points out that Melania’s mangling of the quote shows it must have come from Marla Maples.

Is there anything real about this woman at all? We’ve had Michelle Obama in the White House during her husband’s nearly two terms and not once has plagiarism been a factor. That’s because she’s the realest First Lady ever.

Tell the truth. Weren’t you waiting to see if she borrowed a couple of lines in her speech from someone else, too? You know you were. Don’t make me come over there.

I know, Melania, I know. You’ll sue me for this. Blah blah blah, fuck  you.

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