Bristol Palin Is Pissed At Obama For Blocking A Kid On Twitter Who He Didn’t Block


Bristol Palin is mad again at a thing President Obama did not do and she has had it.












C.J. Pearson, the black Georgia teenager who Fox News touts on its network and loves him Ted Cruz but hates the young clock maker Ahmed Mohamed,  got a lot of attention this week by claiming that President Obama blocked him on Twitter.

Bristol writes (even though Glenn Beck’s site The Blaze thoroughly debunked this already):

What happens when you are a young boy who brings a box to school that resembles a bomb? You get invited to the White House.

What happens when you are a young boy who expresses your political views on YouTube that happen to be critical of the President? You get blocked from following POTUS on Twitter.
Real mature, Mr. President.

The President blocked a 13-year-old kid, so that means Obama is in fear of the Mighty C.J. Pearson! Young C.J. circulated an image showing that evil Obama blocked him. What next Obama?

We’ll see what that totally LIBERAL site The Blaze has to say about that:

Aspects of the image appear to suggest it was a digitally manipulated photo.

Take a look at the justification of the text. The placement of the “Learn more” text is slightly off…..F

urther, notice how the text is rasterized when viewed closer? That suggests the image was digitally manipulated. If the image Pearson presented were a direct screen grab, the rasterization would not be there.

Still yet, Pearson took to Twitter and Facebook to claim persecution even though he claims to have taken the screen shot himself on his Android tablet.

This should not be confused with that other time we were duped by Pearson’s team.

On Bristol’s blog she quotes a ‘news’ source who interviewed C.J.:

In the video, he accuses the president of playing politics with the Texas student who was suspended for bringing a clock to school that appeared to be a bomb.
“He’s used this child as a political prop,” Pearson said. “This president has used this child to push his radical, leftward agenda. And I think it’s disgusting, and I think many, many people agree.”

Bristol’s ghostwriter scribbles:

Is it too much to ask that the President of the United States be more concerned with governing our nation and leading the free world, rather than picking fights with school children?


The Cruz campaign previously announced Pearson’s new role as the head of “Teens for Ted.”

The far right site Twitchy reported that the White House was “afraid of a 13-year-old boy.”

The Daily Caller went with the story, as did Breitbart, and did other conservative blogs. At the bottom of the Daily Caller’s post – which is still titled, “Obama Allegedly Blocks Black Conservative Teen On Twitter,” but they added ‘Updated’ so that makes it all better, reads:

Note: Recent reports have cast doubt on Pearson’s claim and there’s substantial evidence that the teenager fabricated the original image.

Breitbart never corrected their story and the author’s post adds at the end, ‘Breitbart News, Pearson added, is his “favorite source for news.”’

We do not doubt that one bit.

Twitter users also debunked Pearson’s claim:

White House assistant press secretary Frank Benenati took to Twitter to say that Pearson was wrong, and that “nobody is or has ever been blocked from the @POTUS twitter account,” The Washington Post reported.

Oliver Darcy, obviously a Marxist-Maoist-liberal at The Blaze, further explains, “Twitter users aren’t permitted to follow accounts that block them, yet Pearson could be seen following Obama’s account moments after making the claim he was blocked.”

Bristol, the Knower Of Things, has had it with Obama doing stuff he didn’t do.

Ahmed did make a clock and Little Mr. Liar Pants wasn’t really blocked by President Obama. Only one of them was persecuted.

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