Bristol Palin’s Baby Daddy: I Want Joint Custody, Give Me Child Support


Bristol Palin, a voice for family values and abstinence, announced her second unwed baby in June, then on December 23, a baby named Sailor Grace popped out of the half-term of Alaska’s daughter.












As a shock to us all, this was not an immaculate conception. But Bristol has never announced who here baby Daddy is – but we all knew it was Marine Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, even though their engagement abruptly ended.

On Instagram, Meyer wrote next to the new human’s picture, “Best Christmas present ever!,” adding, “I couldn’t be more proud of this little blessing.”

And on Twitter, too.

Meyer wants custody of the baby.

Bristol’s lawyer, John Tiemessen, also confirmed Wednesday that Meyer is the father, but otherwise refused further comment.

According to TMZ, Dakota Meyer filed legal documents in which he claims he’s the biological father of 3-week-old Sailor.

Meyer wants to be awarded “joint legal and physical custody.”

And there’s one more thing Meyer wants: child support. In May, Bristol put her house up for sale when she was engaged to the 27-year-old Kentucky native. It was listed for $549,000, so I guess she can afford the child support.

Or Sarah Palin could take her equestrian estate off the market and they could all live under the roof of her 8,000 square foot property which lists at $2.5 million and they’d never even have to bump into each other — Even if Bristol is out for an abstinence walk in the middle of the night looking for a new baby daddy. The former governor bought the house in 2011 for $1.7 million so we’re not sure how the property increased in value in such a short amount of time (grift grift).

We’re only trying to help. That’s how we roll.

The birth of Sailor Grace has now become a conspiracy theory. Who knows what her date of birth really is – she’s an adorable baby. We hope she grows up to be a strong independent woman one day who votes Democrat. Of course we do

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