British Officials Blast Donald Trump’s ‘Loser Terrorists’ Statement (TWEETS)


After news broke early this morning about an improvised explosive exploding on a crowded London Underground train, Donald Trump made a mad dash for his cell phone to decry the “loser terrorists” in a series of tweets.

Calling them names isn’t going to stop it, Donald.

Our chief White House dummy hadn’t yet had his daily morning briefing, but that didn’t stop him tweeting more of his stupid bubble thoughts:

It’s unknown what Trump meant by “in the sights of Scotland Yard.”  No group had claimed the blast attack and no suspects had been identified by London police. Scotland Yard was unimpressed by Trump’s tweet and rebuked it. A spokeswoman said: “It is not something we would comment on.”

But not our so-called POTUS. The uninformed fool comments on everything. Unless Trump knows something British intelligence doesn’t know, he needs to keep his mouth shut and his fingers off the keyboard. His tweets aren’t helpful.

The White House did not respond to questions about Trump’s assertion.

Trump also used the explosion to promote his controversial travel ban and the ongoing fight against ISIS.

And, of course, he threw a diss at his imaginary nemesis former President Barack Obama.

Truth is, Trump’s travel ban is being challenged in the courts on constitutional grounds. It’s not in full effect.  Enough with Trump’s alternative facts and false self-congratulatory praise already.

Nick Timothy, a newspaper columnist who was formerly chief of staff to prime minister Theresa May, wrote on Twitter of Trump’s remarks:

“True or not – and I’m sure he doesn’t know – this is so unhelpful from leader of our ally and intelligence partner.”

As one social media user pointed out, Twitter seems to be deaf to cutting out the accounts of losers. Donald Trump’s Twitter page is the prime example.

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