BURN!: WH Press Secretary Says Trump ‘Snorted’ His Way Through The Debates (VIDEO)


Donald Trump suggested Saturday at a rally in New Hampshire that drug tests should be administered to the candidates before the debate on Wednesday and that’s pretty odd since he sniffled his way through both debates. During the second debate, Donald sniffled 93 times during the 90 minutes he was on stage. That is, when he wasn’t lurking about right behind Hillary Clinton. Still yet, Donald said Clinton was “all pumped up.”

Donald thinks Clinton is using performance-enhancing drugs. “Why don’t we do that? We should take a drug test, prior, because I don’t know what’s going on with her, but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end it was like, ‘Oh, take me down,” Trump said at the rally.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest suggested Monday that the GOP presidential nominee may be using drugs after being asked about Trump’s idea to drug both candidates before Wednesday’s debate.

“You’re telling me that the candidate who snorted his way through the first two debates is now accusing the other candidate of taking drugs? That’s a curious development in the campaign,” Earnest said.

Watch courtesy of Politico:

Initially, Earnest stood by his remark saying, “That’s my response.”

USA Today reports:

But when challenged by another reporter — who noted the audible gasps in the press briefing room when Earnest made the initial remark — Earnest said he was just having fun.

“I was expecting more chuckles. It was probably just my flawed delivery,” he said.

Former Vermont governor Howard Dean, who is a physician, said after the first debate that Donald Trump’s sniffing may be a sign of being a drug user.

“That is actually a signature of people who use cocaine,” Dean said. “I’m not suggesting that Trump does, but I’m suggesting we think about it.”

Many people are saying that Trump is snorting lines off Melania’s ass. Not us, but some people are saying it. Believe me. 

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