BUSTED: Donald Trump Caught Swindling Charity Cash To Settle Private Lawsuits (VIDEO)

Donald Trump the so-called billionaire has given less than $10K to his so-called charity over the past 7 years...From which he stole $258K for legal fees.
Photo: cc 2013 Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

Donald Trump, the so-called billionaire, has given less than $10K to his so-called charity over the past seven years. Yet he had no qualms about raiding the Trump Foundation when the courts slapped him with over a quarter-million dollars to settle various lawsuits against him.

That’s right. The Washington Post chatted up some of the parties involved and went over Donald Trump’s legal documents with a fine tooth comb.

Those cases, which together used $258,000 from Trump’s charity, were among four newly documented expenditures in which Trump may have violated laws against “self-dealing” — which prohibit nonprofit leaders from using charity money to benefit themselves or their businesses.

This could land the less-than-presidential candidate in a steaming vat of boiling hot water that puts Hillary Clinton’s email non-scandal to shame. After all, she didn’t do anything illegal, despite what the GOP wants us to believe. Meanwhile, Agent Orange has clearly broken state charity laws and has also likely violated U.S. tax laws.

The two lawsuit settlements alone add up to $258,000.

  • Palm Beach, Fla.: Politico reports in 2007, Donald Trump tried to overcompensate for his tiny little hands with an 80-foot flagpole and massive U.S. flag on the Mar-a-Lago’s front lawn. The dimensions exceeded city ordinances, so Palm Beach fined him $250 a day. All those days added up to a whopping $120,000 in unpaid fines. Finally, the city offered to waive the fines if the Mar-a-Lago donated $100,000 to Fisher House, a veterans’ charity. Instead, Donald Trump paid with other people’s money and wrote a check from his foundation.
  • Martin Greenberg: The CEO of Sterling Commodities Corp. thought he’d made that once-in-a-lifetime. million-dollar, hole-in-one shot. Unfortunately, it happened at a 2010 golf tournament held at the GOP candidate’s golf club in Westchester, N.Y., and he refused to pay the million dollars. Greenberg sued, and the lawsuit was settled for $158,000. When the skinflint finally paid up, he cut the check from his charitable foundation…Which, the NY Daily News notes, is illegal.

Oh, and then there are those other payments the Donald improperly made from his foundation. WaP0 explains:

The other expenditures involved smaller amounts. In 2013, Trump used $5,000 from the foundation to buy advertisements touting his chain of hotels in programs for three events organized by a D.C. preservation group. And in 2014, Trump spent $10,000 of the foundation’s money for a portrait of himself bought at a charity fundraiser.

In addition, the Trump Foundation bought the alleged billionaire another portrait of himself. This one was six feet tall and cost $20,000.

Jeffrey Tenenbaum, who provides legal counsel to various charities at the Venable law firm in Washington, D.C. told WaPo this is way over the top:

“I represent 700 nonprofits a year, and I’ve never encountered anything so brazen […] If he’s using other people’s money — run through his foundation — to satisfy his personal obligations, then that’s about as blatant an example of self-dealing [as] I’ve seen in a while”

Watch: Seth Meyers takes a long, hard (and hilarious) look at Donald Trump’s “charitable” foundation.

Featured image: cc 2013 Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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