Busted: Glenn Beck Whines About Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Account But He Has Far More ‘Fake Followers’


In reference to Hillary Clinton, Glenn Beck said, “She can’t even be honest about the fans on her social media sites” because he alleges that she has fake Twitter followers. As it happens, Beck has far more fake followers than Clinton.















Alan at Liberaland writes, “He is blasting Hillary Clinton for fake Twitter followers. Only, when the same process is used, Beck has more fake followers.”

Right Wing Watch reports:

Glenn Beck has become obsessed with a recent story from The Daily Mail that reported that nearly half of the accounts that follow Hillary Clinton on Twitter are either fake or inactive and he repeatedly cited this story on his television program last night and on his radio show today as proof that Clinton is a total phony and a fraud.

We have no way of determining how accurate either of these websites or their findings are, but simply in the interest of making Beck shut up about this stupid point, we decided to run his Twitter account through them and in both cases, the number of fake or inactive followers that he has far surpassed Clinton.

Beck’s fake followers were revealed by using the same tools.




















She He can’t even be honest about the fans on her social media sites”

Fixed it for him.

Maybe Glenn buys Twitter followers because he’s lonely. He’s not running for office and most elected officials have inflated Twitter numbers.

James O’Keefe’s account appears to be packed full of fake followers, too. We looked at his account in 2012.

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