Buy A Better Mattress With These 6 Smart Shopping Tips


Do you know the lifespan of mattresses? It’s 10 years although sleep experts would advise to change mattress every after 7 years.


Why You Should Buy A New Mattress

Some people tend to keep their beds for a long time in the effort to save money or perhaps they can’t afford to throw it away because of its sentimental value. But is it really worth it if you’re suffering from sleepless nights due to back pain and discomfort?  Sleeping on a worn-out mattress or one that is not tailor-fit to your needs could seriously put your health at risk.

Shopping for a new mattress may seem complicated because no two mattresses are created equal. Selection would be much easier if you can narrow your options to mattresses that can provide you exactly what you need to sleep blissfully. Researching different types and brands of mattresses is crucial to finding the right item that matches your needs.

A mattress is a very important purchase as it can directly affect the quality of your life. Sleep is crucial to our daily functioning, productivity, and even emotional health so you should do your homework before you seal the deal and buy a new mattress. Buy a better mattress with these 6 smart shopping tips:

Know what size fits you. There is no one-size-fits-all mattress so this should come first on your list when shopping for a mattress. What’s your body weight or type? This is important on choosing whether you should go for a Twin size, Queen size, or King size bed. This would also depend on whether you are sleeping alone or sharing the bed with a partner.

Consult your physician. If you have special needs or a medical condition that would require a specific type of mattress then you need your doctor’s recommendation on what to look for in a mattress.

Do a test drive. How do you know if a top or that little black dress fits you? Well, you have to try it on. This goes the same way with trying out a mattress. You should not skip this step so take the plunge, lie down, and stretch. See if it is plush and comfortable to sleep on. You can try rolling and even sitting on the edge to check on its firmness levels. You also need to test it for motion isolation especially if you share beds with a partner.

Inquire about their trial periods and returns. Most brands now offer trial periods of mattresses to customers for a period of 30 days. You are free to return the mattress if you find it unsatisfactory. Check if there are any return or restock fees before making any purchase.

Try out mattress variations. There are different types of mattresses and you can pick at least three types that you can test for firmness, comfort, and support before zeroing in on one mattress.

Check the warranty. This is one important detail you should not miss. Ask about the warranty and what exactly it covers. Check if they offer full replacement warranty within 10 years and other inclusions.

Shopping for your next mattress shouldn’t stress you out but should be an exciting experience because you get to choose what to sleep on for the next seven years or so. Choose a mattress that syncs with your lifestyle, body type, sleeping position, and health condition.

Shopping online might be hassle-free and convenient but it is always best to try out mattresses right on a physical store and actually roll on the sheets to see if it indeed a perfect fit so you can finally get that well-deserved sleep.

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