Canadian Ted Cruz Continues To Lie His Way Across The U.S.


It looks like Canadian Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz may be winning one contest already – biggest lying douche canoe of the entire 2016 Presidential Election.  This is an honor rarely bestowed this early, but I feel confident in declaring him the clear winner. Let’s review all the stunts he pulled in just the past 7 days.

In Iowa, his campaign sent out mailers from a fake voter agency claiming to monitor and “grade” residents on their previous voting history. No one scored higher than a C and most people scored a solid F, even if they had voted in every single election. The mailers had a chart with the recipient’s name at the top and 5 or 6 names of the recipients’ neighbors listed, as well as their grades, in an effort to shame them. Slimeball tactics of a desperate man.

The next stunt was also in Iowa and involved campaign staffers making calls to Iowa residents moments before the caucus started, informing that that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race and therefore they should lend their support to Ted Cruz. This was a duplicitous lie. When his disgusting lie was discovered immediately following the caucuses, Cruz blamed the lie on a “communication error” and apologized to Carson, but the damage was already done. Cruz won the state caucus, to the surprise of many. Not that Carson was going to win, but still…dirty tactics.

Next up was Saturday’s GOP debate. Within minutes, Cruz was confronted about this blatant scam and instead of owning up, he decided to blame CNN for sending out tweets that he claimed stated that Carson was dropping out of the race. This is a claim that CNN vigorously refuted, both on social media and on the news in multiple segments. Surprised? Not at all.

Most recently, Cruz’s campaign announced that he had received the support of six state Representatives that had previously publicly supported Rand Paul, the New York Times reports.  One Representative, J. R. Hoell was surprised to see his name on the list. He told the Times that he had “made it clear I could not support him,” specifically based on his foreign policy positions. Hoell did say he authorized the campaign to state that he given “narrow praise” related to his work on Second Amendment rights, but nothing else.

Well, the Cruz campaign is nothing if not honest, right? Wrong.

They put out a news release on Sunday, including the following quotes from Mr. Hoell, and presented it as a full endorsement:

“I stand with Gun Owners of America and agree that Cruz is our remaining best shot at electing a president to protect the rights of the gun owners of our great nation,”

Hoell told the NYT that he was extremely clear about his limited support on only one issue, but they flat out ignored him. When he saw the news release, Hoell said:

“It’s just frustrating. That should never have happened. It looks like a full-blown endorsement.”

When called on their patently false news release, the Cruz campaign representative, in typical GOP double talk provided the following response to the NYT:

“We are thankful for Rep. Hoell’s very positive comments about Senator Cruz and mistakenly took them as an official endorsement. That was our error, but we remain committed to the common goal of standing firmly in defense of the 2nd Amendment.”

Clearly, Ted Cruz and his team of sycophants have a loose relationship with morals and the truth. A bigger news story would be if Cruz was honest for once.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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