Canadians Really Don’t Like Trump; Here Are The Dismal Numbers


If you’re thinking about moving to Canada should Donald Trump win the election, take comfort in knowing that you’d fit right in, because most of your new neighbours (that’s how they spell it in Canada) share your distaste for the Spray Tanned Wonder.

A new poll, published today, shows that 79 percent of Canadians are “very concerned” or “moderately concerned” about Trump becoming president; and that 78 percent feel that this would be “bad” or “very bad” for Canada. That’s four of out of five Canadians.


Hillary Clinton fares better with the Snow Mexicans, with 47 percent saying her presidency would be good for Canada, and 27 percent saying it’s bad. The latter figure is somewhat worrying for Clinton as it represents a 7 point increase in disapproval since she entered the race for the nomination last year.

With respect to the campaign as a whole, 48 percent of respondents said that they were following the campaign more closely than previous contests, with 51 percent saying that the election is receiving adequate media coverage, and only 28 percent responding that it is garnering too much television coverage.

Canadian firms frequently poll our neighbours to the North about all things American, and when it comes to Politics, Canada would be a blue state, despite its red and white flag. Another recent poll showed that President Obama has an 80 percent approval rating in Canada; and that the Democrats would win the upcoming election in a landslide, were it held in that country, with Hillary Clinton being the candidate of choice for 73 to 80 percent of Canadians.

Will Trump now start calling for a wall between Canada and the United States? Robert Frost famously quipped that “Good Fences make good neighbors”; when four out of five of your neighbours dislike you, a tall fence may be your best defence.

You can read more about the Insights West poll here.

Photo Credit: Nozell via Flickr. 

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