‘Canary In The Coal Mine’ For GOP? Sanders Delegate Wins Special Election In Trump District


A Hopeful Sign Of Things To Come

With all election districts reporting, a special election to replace New York’s 9th District Assemblyman Republican Joe Saladino has declared schoolteacher Christine Pellegrino the winner in a stunning upset. In the 2016 election, NY09 went for Donald Trump by more than 20 points. Pellegrino was a Sanders delegate in the 2016 primary. The win is remarkable not only because she represents a Democratic faction outside the establishment, but because the seat was held by the Republican since 2004 before he stepped down. The last Democrat to seek the seat won less than a third of the vote:

Pellegrino’s victory comes shortly after another shocking win for a Democrat in a Trump district. Edith DesMarais won a seat in the New Hampshire state legislature that had never before been won by a Democrat. That district also heavily favored Donald Trump in 2016.

Big names on Twitter were quick to react to the New York celebration, with Democratic hero Ted Lieu leading the way:

Keith Olbermann took note:

Debra Messing was ecstatic:

Even The Hulk tweeted to congratulate Christine:

So What’s Next For Democrats?

Watch for upcoming special elections in Georgia and Montana. Like in the New Hampshire and New York races, the candidates have focused not on the scandals of the Trump administration, but on what Republicans have done with the government since capturing complete control in 2016. By winning elections on the merits of Democratic policies versus Republican policies, it paves the way for more victories that are truly representative of the will of voters.

These stunning wins show that when we organize on the left, we have more than just bravado and tough talk to run on. America is already sick of the anti-everyone Republicans who took over last year, and it’s only been a few months. If anything, Christine Pellegrino’s New York celebration should be just another preparation for the midterm elections in 2018. Regardless of whether or not Donald Trump is impeached before the end of his term, the GOP still holds Congress.

We can beat them.

Featured image via Facebook/Christine Pellegrino

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