Carly Fiorina Left Her GOP Debate Closing Statement Behind In A Printer


A staffer for Sen. Rand Paul’s (Ky.) presidential campaign says he found the closing statement from a fellow Republican candidate left in a hotel printer ahead of Thursday night’s highly-anticipated GOP debate but wasn’t sure whose it was.











In fact, if you read it, it could have belonged to any of the eleventy hundred candidates.

“Hillary Clinton lies about Benghazi, lies about her emails, is still defending Planned Parenthood, and is still her party’s frontrunner,” says a document seen in a photo tweeted by Paul staffer Sergio Gor, The Hill reports.

“We need a nominee who will throw every punch, not stumble before he even gets in the ring,” another sentence, which is underlined, reads from the document which she left behind. “I am not a member of the political class. I am a true conservative who can win this job and do this job. I need your help and your support,” the statement concludes.

She forgot to mention a few other things, too, but we’re sure that’s because she left her points behind.

Karl Rove, who had a meltdown after Obama was reelected, said, “Carly Fiorina walked in tonight, owned the stage, owned it big” on the Fox post-game show.

“We need a leader who doesn’t stumble,’ her speech notes read. Then she stumbled and left her notes about not stumbling behind.

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Image: Politico

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