Carly Fiorina: Parents Should Not Be Forced To Vaccinate Their Children


Republican Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said Thursday that parents should not be forced to vaccinate their children although she added that public school systems can forbid unvaccinated children from attending.















Well thanks for allowing schools to forbid unvaccinated children from attending but can we keep them from going to Disneyland, too?

We wonder what her stance would have been on polio.

Fiorina was asked a question from a mother of five children who said that because of her religious beliefs, she will not allow her children to receive any vaccines that were created using cells from “aborted babies.”

“When in doubt, it is always the parent’s choice,” Fiorina said during a town hall meeting in rural Iowa on Thursday according to The Washington Post. “When in doubt, it must always be the parent’s choice.”

“We must protect religious liberty and someone’s ability to practice their religion,” said Fiorina. She receiving a round of applause for her remark..

“We must devote energy and resources to doing so. Period.”

Fiorina recalled being hesitant to have her own daughter vaccinated against the sexually transmitted disease HPV.

“And she got bullied. She got bullied by a school nurse saying: ‘Do you know what your daughter is doing?'” Fiorina said. She said her daughter’s response was this: “Yes. I do, actually.”

After the town hall, Fiorina told reporters: “When you have highly communicable diseases where we have a vaccine that’s proven, like measles or mumps, then I think a parent can make that choice — but then I think a school district is well within their rights to say: ‘I’m sorry, your child cannot then attend public school.’ So a parent has to make that trade-off.”

That’s nice but vaccinations only work if everyone gets them, otherwise they are a risk to the public.

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