Chachi Comes Unglued, Denies These Horrible Allegations Of Trump’s Past (VIDEO)


When you look up the word “moron” in the dictionary, there’s an 8×10 glossy of Scott Baio.

The definition of moron (a stupid person), the D-list Hollywood actor is a rabid Trump supporter, and his comments during an interview on Fox News’ Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton July 27 are more proof of his stupidity.

During the interview, Baio accused Bill Clinton of being a rapist — but denied that his own candidate, Donald Trump, has been accused of rape three times.

Bolton did not point out his error.

The interview began with a clip of stars Lena Dunham and America Ferrara joking at the Democratic National Convention.

“According to Donald Trump, my body is probably, like, a 2,” said Dunham. America Ferrera added, “According to Donald Trump, I’m probably a rapist.”


Bolton then asked Baio, “What was your impression?”

Ignoring the question, he focused his biased response on the Clintons.

Going on those comments. They’re going after Donald Trump. I’m wondering if anybody backstage or on stage actually went up to Chelsea Clinton and said, “Hey, how do you feel, being a young woman, how do you feel that your dad was accused of rape and how do you feel that he had many, many, many affairs behind your mother’s back?

It’s so easy for the media to ask Ivanka Trump about her dad, who’s never been accused of anything like that. But nobody asks Chelsea Clinton about all the allegations about her dad. I find that so, so interesting and so hypocritical.

Look who’s calling who a hypocrite. You know damn well that Trump’s own reputation as a womanizer is well-known, including a series of marital affairs during his two prior marriages. And are you saying people should pay no mind to the three different women accusing Trump of rape? I can’t do that, it’s matter of public record. The most recent accusation against Trump coming via a federal lawsuit filed in June 2016 in the State of New York. At the time of rape, the girl was just 13-years old. Wow, Trump may be a pedophile, too.

Baio’s hypocrisy astounds me. For the same man who claims to be religious and talks about religion coming to this country for a moral barometer, where was his moral compass when he posted an offensive Hillary Clinton meme on Twitter? The meme, in which Clinton was standing in front of a sign that read “count” had blocked out the letter “o.” called her the C-word?

He even wrote: “This may be the best meme out there.”

Seriously? The best meme out there? What a moron. It would seem that your moral compass is off, Mr. Baio, After that tweet. It’s now pointing south, way way south, if you know what I mean. I suggest you stick to your candidate and party’s platform issues, or stick it up your a**.

Just so you know, it’s not just me who thinks this man is stupid. Everyone is calling this guy moron. He’s set the bar so low for stupidity, Forrest Gump just got a letter to join Mensa.

Featured image via the moron’s Facebook page.

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