Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick Not Sure She Believes Women About Trump, Though


Juanita Broaddrick, the former Arkansas nursing home operator who accused Bill Clinton of rape, is not so sure she believes the sixteen women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct.

“I don’t think it’s ever too late to say you believe me,” Broaddrick tells Newsweek. “But the coming days and months will tell us if they’re sincere.”

Broaddrick has “no idea” whether they are lying or not. “I felt sorry for them,” she says. “I felt like they had a right to be heard. But I also felt at the same time that they should bear investigation, scrutiny and vetting. I think it’s only fair for all parties involved.”

Of course, Broaddrick has told two completely different stories about her alleged encounter with Mr. Clinton. In a sworn 1997 deposition, Broaddrick said that her two-decade old rape allegation was false.

“These allegations are untrue and there is no truth to these rumors,” Broaddrick testified at the time.

A year later, when President Clinton faced impeachment, Broaddrick told special prosecutor Ken Starr “that her Jones testimony was false, but that she had been under absolutely no pressure from the president or the White House to file a false affidavit,” according to the contemporary record.

“We know that Starr’s investigators talked to Broaddrick and listened to her story–and decided not to pursue it. That, in itself, casts huge doubts on Broaddrick’s credibility,” journalist Bill Press explained. “If Starr would impeach Clinton for oral sex, he would certainly indict or impeach him for rape, if he could prove it.”

Broadderick claims to remember the attack vividly, but also forgets what month it supposedly happened.

She became a 2016 campaign feature by accusing Hillary Clinton of trying to “silence” her, but has never precisely explained what sort of pressures the candidate brought to bear. For example, the Clintons never threatened to sue her as Trump has vowed to do to his accusers.

Now that a social revolution seems to be taking place around claims of sexual victimization and harassment, a series of revisionist liberal think-pieces about Bill Clinton has once again rekindled interest in Broaddrick’s allegations.

To be sure, Juanita Broaddrick had, and has, a right to be heard. Yet her claims have been subject to investigation, scrutiny and vetting, and they were found wanting by the most politically-motivated special prosecutor in American history. Aside from two friends who share her rabid right wing politics and say she shared her experience with them, there is still no corroboration whatsoever for her story.

Politics drove Broaddrick’s narrative back then, and it’s quite clear that politics determine which women Broaddrick believes now. This is about weaponizing the “believe women” moment against liberals.

Broaddrick voted for Trump in 2016, and she said she’ll vote for him again in 2020, unless the allegations against him are investigated and determined to be true by authorities.

But really, Broaddrick said she’d rather not talk about politics at all, since she thinks they have no place in conversations about sexual assault. Plus, she said, “I’m not real smart with political things.”

“I think it’s horrible what’s going on right now across party lines,” Broaddrick continued. “I’m a victim first.”

Bothsiderist blather aside, Broaddrick’s politics are tribal, producing two different standards of evidence.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are chiefs of the enemy tribe, while Donald Trump is the chief of her tribe.

Until a trial jury finds Trump guilty, she won’t believe his accusers. Yet she insists we should believe her story about the Clintons as given, even though no sane prosecutor would ever put her on the witness stand. Instead, Broaddrick has always waged her fight in the court of public opinion.

Going further, Broaddrick blames Hillary Clinton for all the sexual harassment scandals we’re enduring these days.

“I think if she had been more responsible with her response to his behavior years ago, we would not be faced today with these accusations, which are a result of this permissive society we have experienced for the last two decades,” Broaddrick opines.

Get that? Sexual harassment and assault never, ever happened until the Clintons came along.

This will of course be a surprise to Anita Hill, Carmita Wood, maybe half of Bill Cosby’s victims, and the woman who says George H.W. Bush groped her amid the 1992 election, among countless others.

Then again, they were all liberals, or they were accusing conservative men, so maybe Juanita Broaddrick doesn’t believe they were telling the truth.

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