Cliven Bundy’s Son Sent To Prison On Burglary And Gun Charges


While two of Cliven Bundy’s adult children are in jail for the armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon, another son of the Nevada cattle rancher was sent to prison Wednesday, less than two weeks after being dropped from a specialty court program.

The Review Journal reports:

Cliven Lance Bundy, 35, was ordered to serve between two and eight years in prison on felony burglary and firearms charges, which he pleaded guilty to in February 2013.

For about two years, Bundy participated in the drug court program, under house arrest and receiving treatment in an inpatient facility and a sober living house, according to Clark County court records. He was in the third stage of the program and nearing graduation when he missed multiple court appearances.

Last month, federal agents arrested Bundy in the Jean Dry Lake bed after spotting a group of all-terrain vehicles riding outside their permitted area on public lands, according to the Bureau of Land Management. Agents stopped the vehicles, and Bundy was driving one for a tour group.

Cliven Bundy, a father of 14, made headlines last year during his armed standoff in which militia members poured in to offer support with weapons at their side. To this day, Bundy has not paid for grazing fees after allowing them to graze on federal land for 20 years. The standoff ended when the BLM, citing safety concerns, decided to stand down. Supporters of the Bundys called this a win for ‘freedom.’

Cliven Lance Bundywas not part of the armed protest against, according to his father.

We do wish him luck with his drug problem though. Cliven L. Bundy was sentenced one year ago to two-to-eight years in State Prison and now there’s this. Bundy won’t be able to dodge this one after a previous parole violation.

Meanwhile, two of his brothers have been indicted by a federal grand jury.

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