CNN Cans Trump Loyalist Jeffrey Lord After Twitter Nazi Salute


Jeffrey Lord is now unemployed, after decades of Republican sycophancy, service to some of the most conservative politicians of all time, and countless insensitive comments to literally everyone. He’s called Democrats responsible for the genocide of Native Americans. He once questioned the veracity of a prominent black woman’s version of her own husband’s lynching. Lord even compared Barack Obama’s campaign slogan in 2012 to the Hitler Youth.

This is the same guy that just got through with his last controversy, in which he suggested that Trump may have been right in calling the White House a “dump.”

Somehow, CNN was able to see past all that, however, and they let him keep the job he’s had with the station for two years. It was Lord’s tweet on August 10th to the president of Media Matters for America, Angelo Carusone, that finally proved to be the last straw for the cable news outlet:

Yep. That’ll do it.

After the news of Lord’s firing by CNN, Media Matters had a pretty succinct message for their longtime foe right on their home page:

Screen capture

Surprisingly, Jeffrey Lord had at least one supporter on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, it was Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone:

Stone himself is a bit of a fascist, and as you can see, a truly classy guy. But the vast majority of the reaction to Lord’s firing was positive, and some of it downright funny, like MMfA’s home page trolling. And on Twitter, user “Frederick Douglass” spoke for us all when he dug up a classic to tweet at the disgraced talking head:

Thanks for the laughs, Jeff. We won’t miss you.

Featured image via screen capture

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