CNN Panel Goes Off On Trump Backer: He ‘Drunk-Tweets Sober!’ (VIDEO)


Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord tried to defend his candidate’s mean-girl tweets at 3:00 a.m. which targeted former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. The GOP presidential nominee called on his 12 million followers on Twitter to ‘check out’ Machado’s alleged sex tape.

Cooper asked Lord if he thinks it was presidential of Trump to do that and Lord responded, “Well, what does presidential mean?”

Someone, quick, get that man a dictionary!

After a but, Cooper pressed on, “Would you want the President of the United States to be up at 4 am encouraging people to go looking for a sex tape?”

Lord said, perhaps jokingly, “Yeah, if it’s worth looking for, Anderson.”

“I don’t even know what that means,” Cooper responded.

Mediaite reports:

Lord proceeded to argue that the old standard of what’s presidential and what’s isn’t is irrelevant. This is not a new argument for Lord, as earlier this year he defended the presidential-ness of Trump retweeting someone calling Megyn Kelly a bimbo.

They kept going back and forth on whether this was presidential, as Lord argued that the standards have changed and people like what he’s saying.

Cooper said, “I get it, Porn is popular! Maybe he’s tapping into the porn electorate! I get it. Maybe that’s his brilliance.”  Anderson asked if Trump exhibits the kind of behavior of someone who should occupy the White House. “It’s either yes or no,” he told Lord.

Lord didn’t seem to want to answer and instead asked if Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s affair was presidential. Navarro fired back, “No, and all of America knows it wasn’t presidential.”

Lord finally admitted that Trump’s tweets were not presidential but then added only by the ‘old standards.’  The Trump campaign has set the bar so low that Cooper had to explain to Lord what presidential means.


Ana Navarro the tore into Lord, telling him to stop justifying gross “immature” behavior from Donald Trump. Lord suggested that the media is colluding with the Clinton campaign to get this story out there. Navarro and Cooper shot back, saying that Trump is the one keeping this story alive.

Navarro told Lord, “Donald Trump is the only person I know who drunk-tweets sober.” She added that Trump is “70-year-olds and behaving like an irrepressible child.”

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