CONFIRMED: Dem Office In NC Vandalized The Same Day As GOP Office Firebombing

police have been asked to step up surveillance of NC dem office after graffiti.

A representative from the Orange Country North Carolina Democratic party, through their page, has confirmed that their office in Carrboro was defaced with graffiti the same night as the heavily reported GOP office firebombing.


Rawstory initially reported this on Monday, and that story was called “accurate” by the representative, but it has been largely ignored by the media:

Orange County Democratic Party Chair Matt Hughes told Raw Story on Monday that vandals had also targeted his offices in Carrboro. Both attacks were said to have occurred early Sunday morning.

According to Hughes, staffers found the words “Death to Capitalism” scrawled on the OCDP headquarters when they came into work.

Democratic officials have requested that law enforcement step up protection after this ominous message, especially in light of the bombing and graffiti telling “Nazi Republicans” to “get out or else” painted on the GOP building in the same county.

Photographs are not yet being released of the graffiti.

Hughes makes it clear that there is no evidence the two acts are related at this point:

“It’s just paint,” Hughes said. “There’s not a lot of physical damage, but I think that even though physically there wasn’t a lot of damage, I think that it unsettles people.”

Capitalism has been framed as the enemy or opposite of Nazism, though capitalism isn’t a form of governance, which may explain the two messages if they were done by the same person or group. It seems that “coincidence” must be discounted, though, as attacking county offices of political parties isn’t exactly commonplace in the US. To have two such offices of two political parties vandalized on the same day is noteworthy even if they are not connected.

GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump, responded to the firebombing by calling the bombers “animals” and claimed they were Hillary supporters — without any evidence whatsoever.

The Democratic nominee denounced the attack immediately, calling it “horrific and unacceptable.”

Democrats also responded to the GOP attack by crowdfunding $13,000 dollars to help the office rebuild.

But in a year of political chicanery of magnitudes we have never seen before, this information raises more questions than answers, but must not be ignored.

By Tony Webster (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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