Conservative Journalist Suspended For Issuing Death Threat Sues The World


Right Wing blogger Chuck Johnson has been suspended on Twitter six times now for hateful and sometimes violent tweets, so naturally, the fire-breathing troll is suing Twitter and another blogger.














The story is just embarrassing as Johnson doesn’t seem to understand rules. Twitter is owned privately and not by the government so censorship does not apply.

Johnson, a 26-year-old ‘journalist’ and owner of, sent out a jaw-dropping tweet seeking donations to ‘take out’ well known black activist DeRay McKesson.

McKesson said he took the tweet “as a serious threat” and as a violation of Twitter’s policies against threatening acts of violence.

Johnson attempted to counter that claim by saying it was a call to support “investigative journalism” into McKesson’s past.

Johnson quickly created more accounts claiming ‘censorship, which were suspended. @FreeChuckNow was created then taken down quickly. After I was doxed then quickly outted myself, that Conservative created multiple accounts claiming there is a liberal conspiracy with Twitter to censor right wingers and so the #FreeKentAtwater campaign began. Even a couple of Conservatives told me Kent’s (not his real name) doxxing was a ‘dick move’ but many rushed to defend him.

There is no conspiracy. For one, only two accounts are allowed according to Twitter’s TOU; one for personal use, the other for business. Still yet, Conservatives try to get FreakOutNation’s Twitter account banned – it’s a daily thing.

Johnson feels that he’s part of a persecution of Conservatives.

“Twitter doesn’t seem to have a problem with people using their service to coordinate riots,” Johnson wrote. “But they do have a problem with the kind of journalism I do.”

Johnson, who consistently seeks donations for whatever project he’s working on, such as ‘taking out’ a black activist, is threatening legal action against Twitter for loss of income.

Pando Daily reports:

I imagine most of Chuck’s GOP friends will be shocked to learn that he believes corporations should put the public interest over private profit motivations, and that Twitter’s private property is also the property of the public.

Chuck’s letter to Twitter:

Letter from Chuck Johnson's attorneys to Twitter after his account was suspended

Chuck C. Johnson has even threatened to sue left wing blogger, Charles Johnson over his feigned persecution. It should be noted that Chuck has gone as far as to stalk the owner of Little Green Footballs in the past.

An example of Conservatives trying to take down FON’s Twiter account, even though we abide by Twitter’s TOU. This is to ensure to those Conservatives feigning persecution, that they are not being censored.

This happens pretty much every time we report on a child involved shooting.




















The beat goes on.

Behold the ‘liberal conspiracy’:





















Johnson has even tweeted in support of hitting ‘bitches.’ He’s also a racist. What a sad little ‘bitch’ he is.

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