Conservative Lies: This Woman Was Not Beaten At Trump Rally (TWEETS)

Blonde Woman Supposedly Bloodied After Trump Rally
Blonde Woman Supposedly Bloodied At Trump Rally. Image: Facebook.

What the hell? Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump smacked the media and all of us who watch upside the head when the rally protesters escalated to the point of bloody violence last week. Then, a photo of a young blonde woman covered in blood circulated everywhere. But you’ll never guess who really hit her.

In the beginning, we blamed Trump for inspiring the occasional violent outbursts inside of his rallies. But this week, we watched larger and larger crowds outside Trump rallies harass people as they left. The burning flags were disturbing. The small number of police was disturbing.

But worst of all were the attacks on individuals. It felt as if the crowd mentality had overtaken the young people as they drew around a person, almost like a magnet was pulling them closer.

At the San José, California rally last week, cameras caught protestors pelting at least one woman with bottles and eggs. Then, there was a man with blood running down his face.

But “Snopes” exposed the image of the 23-year-old Australian actress with blood running down her face that went viral.

According to “Snopes:”

‘…the photograph in question was published online as early as January 2016, six months prior to the June 2016 Trump rally in San Jose.’

‘A January 2016 article by the British Daily Mail newspaper reported that the individual depicted in the photograph was actress Samara Weaving, and the picture showed the application of makeup to her for the television program “Ash vs. Evil Dead.”

The photo was a still screen capture of the actress wearing makeup for her show. Then someone placed it on Facebook and attached a comment:

‘The result of Fascism in America…simply because she was a Trump supporter.’

“Ash vs Evil Dead” is a comedy horror show, and the answer to who hit her is also comedy, no one. But all of us were sucker-punched.

Featured Image: Image still active on Facebook.

H/T: Snopes.

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