Conservative Sheriff: #BlackLivesMatter Will ‘Join Forces with ISIS’ To Destroy America


Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke took to his Twitter account on Tuesday to say that #BlackLivesMatter and the Islamic State (ISIL) would soon be working together to destroy America.














The Wisconsin Sheriff wrote on Twitter, “Before long, Black Lies Matter will join forces with ISIS to being [sic] down our legal constituted republic. You heard it first here.”

Clarke, a frequent Fox News guest has lashed out at the #BlackLivesMatter movement by calling them “garbage” and “subhuman creeps”.

Clarke has also denied the existence of police brutality and racism in America, so his latest controversial remark is nothing new.

Shaun King at the Daily News reports:

Again, it’s like this man is a fictional TV villain, but here’s the thing, he’s real, very real. In addition to being an elected sheriff in Milwaukee, he is now seen as a true thought leader for conservative America. What he thinks and says matters. For this man to form his lips to deny the very existence of police brutality is embarrassing. Over the past 15 years alone, New York City taxpayers have paid out over $1.5 billion in settlements for police brutality and misconduct. Chicago has paid $500 million in the past 10 years. Some estimates are that the United States has spent over $5 billion on police brutality over the past ten years. Officers have been fired and even arrested for police brutality all over the country, but this man is denying its very existence?

Clarke said this week, “There is no police brutality in America. We ended that back in the ’60s. So, I don’t know where they’re coming from.”

“The president of the United States knows better, he’s playing the race game, he’s playing race politics,” he added. “He has been a nightmare and I cannot wait until January 2017 so that America’s nightmare can be over.”

Yeah, but that’s what Clarke just did. Projection at its finest.

He’s being blasted on Twitter over his most recent remark.

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