Conservative Snowflakes Attack CNN For Showing Footage Of Trump Playing Golf


Even though he repeatedly said during the 2016 campaign that he’d be too busy if elected president to do anything but the job he was seeking, Donald Trump has again proven that his word is about as sturdy as a bungee cord made of rotten dental floss.

On Christmas Day, Trump doubled down on how hard he was working for America with this tweet:

But tomorrow arrived and this is the “work” our devoted head of state was doing at our expense:

Yep, the same blowhard who accused President Obama of playing too much golf is himself golfing at Mar-a-Lago:

While Trump was breaking yet another promise, right-wingers on Twitter lost it when CNN dared to show the overweight walrus known as the president of the United States taking yet another vacation:

Not to worry, Mikey Jr. Rest assured there won’t be much golf available in federal prison.

If Trump — or his rabid fans — don’t want him to be seen playing golf, maybe he should spend some time actually working instead of being a fat, good for nothing bum who is little more than a leech on the federal government.

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