Cop Couple Opens Fire On Mom Thinking She’s An Intruder


When an off-duty Las Vegas police officer and her husband who is in the police academy, thought there was an intruder, she ended up shooting a relative who lived in the residence.











North Las Vegas police reported the female officer was startled and thought the female family member was an intruder when she arrived home 11:30 p.m. Friday.

The officer shot at the relative in the leg, who lived at the home with the officer and her husband, KTNV reports.

The couple “accidentally” fired 27 rounds at the woman, according to KNTV. The relative reportedly suffered non-life threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospital.

Watch courtesy of KTNV:

According to what a law enforcement official told KNTV, the victim is the mother of one of the shooters and it was confirmed that the victim also lives with the couple.

North Las Vegas police said the shooting appears to be accidental so no charges will be filed.

Wow, each of the 27 gunshots was just an accident. That’s a lot of accidents.

The mother has sustained non-life threatening injuries after suffering at least one gunshot to her leg.

There is no word on whether the mother wishes to continue living with the couple or not. Christmas night of 2015 will always be remembered by the cop or her husband’s mother.

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