Court Orders RNC To Divulge Voter Intimidation Agreements With Trump Campaign


The Republican National Committee has been ordered to detail any agreements it has with the Trump campaign to engage in “ballot security” for the elections, Nov. 8th. The RNC has also been given a deadline of 5:00p.m. Tuesday to explain recent comments made by Vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence, and Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway regarding public statements about  “ballot integrity” initiatives.

The Democratic National Committee went to court last week to allege that the RNC was in violation of ‘consent decrees‘ put in place after accusations that GOP poll watchers engaged in minority voter intimidation in the 1980’s.

The RNC had been accused of a practice called ‘caging,’ a strategy designed to intimidate and harass minority voters at the polls. According to Politico:

The agreements allow the RNC to organize pollwatchers, but prohibit any effort to intimidate voters as they enter a polling place or to challenge individual voters, except as part of a program approved in advance by the court.

In what would be a seeming violation of those decrees, Mike Pence said in August:

The Trump Campaign and the Republican National Committee are working very, very closely with state governments and secretaries of state all over the country to ensure ballot integrity.

Additionally Conway recently told the Washington Post the campaign was:

Actively working with the national committee, the official party, and campaign lawyers to monitor precincts around the country.

The DNC also provided the court with documents alleging that Republicans have already been observed violating the decrees, during early voting. Included in those documents is the story of a Trump Campaign observer in San Francisco, who had been banned from the premises for, “yelling at voters, accusing voters and poll workers of breaking the law, talking to voters while they stood in line, and providing them with incorrect information.” Despite being permanently banned, the observer repeatedly attempted to return to the polling place.

Donald Trump and his campaign have made several accusation that this election will be “rigged.” And they’ve whipped supporters into a frenzy, as well. But so far, all the evidence points back to the Republicans themselves.

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