Creepy Larry Klayman Can’t Understand Why A Woman Would Find Trump Creepy


In her new book, Hillary Clinton says that her “skin crawled” when Donald Trump stalked her around a debate stage. Larry Klayman, a conspiracy theorist who has sued the Clintons countless times, calls that evidence of a secret lesbian relationship.

On his weekend radio show “Special Prosecutor,” Klayman told listeners this weekend that Hillary was “disgusting, she’s low-class and for her to say that a man made her feel creepy, well, maybe ask Huma Abedin the real story about why men don’t really relate to Hillary Clinton.”

Klayman has previously claimed that Clinton and Abedin are lesbian lovers. It is hardly the most insane thing he has said about anyone in the Clinton family.

Larry Klayman is an original Clinton antagonist. He founded Judicial Watch, a right wing judicial watchdog organization that spent the 1990s suing the Clintons. He never stopped trying to damage the Clintons with lawsuits and threats of lawsuits — not even after Judicial Watch parted ways with him in a cloud of courtroom acrimony because his pronouncements are so bizarre.

Klayman sued Hillary Clinton on behalf of family members of Benghazi victims in the heat of the 2016 campaign. That was just weeks after he sued President Barack Obama “for endangering his life as a white man.” Not for nothing has the Southern Poverty Law Center referred to Klayman as “a pathologically litigious attorney and professional gadfly.”

In the past, Klayman has filed legal complaints against the Obama administration for supposedly allowing the Ebola virus into the United States as a “biological weapon” and accused the Clintons of selling nuclear secrets to China.

Now Klayman cannot imagine why someone would ever feel creeped out by a 70-something lecher stalking them around a debate stage. Remember?

In Klayman’s mind, a “real woman” (meaning a woman who has sex with men) should want to be stalked by Donald Trump. Only an evil woman (meaning a woman who never has sex with men) would fail to feel flattered and sensual when a repulsive reality TV star moves within groping distance.

And to Klayman, Hillary Clinton is the most evil of evil women around. “She sounds like the Wicked Witch of the Left and this is why she wasn’t elected, because people just don’t like her,” Klayman said.

Right, that must be the explanation for her feelings. Because what’s not to like about a gross fat guy looming too close behind you? That is, when he isn’t humping his chair in a gratuitous display of frustrated alpha male dominance?

Here is the audio via Right Wing Watch.

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    • I myself have found guys to be creepy. One of those I felt that way about later raped an 85 year old woman and then went on a multi-state killing spree.

  1. I don’t recall what shathole moderated that speech, but they should have put a stop to that asshole’s intimidating stance. That was the point where I began to hate trump.

        • It’s not. It was a favorite tactic of Al Gore’s as well — and a perfectly legal debating maneuver. He got in W’s space, and W handled it with humor.

          Hillary, however, got into Trump’s space, stepped in front of him and then blamed him for being behind her.

  2. Here’s how to make sure your debate opponent isn’t behind you on the stage: Don’t cross over the stage to their side and walk in front of him.

    She should have taken a page out of W’s book, and copied his response when Al Gore “stalked” him around the stage during their debates.

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