Crowd Goes Wild In Clark County When Bernie Wins Nevada Delegates (VIDEO)


Last night, Hillary Clinton’s Nevada ‘win’ in February suffered an upset after Clark County democrats backed Bernie Sanders. It’s such a complicated process in that state that it will leave you tearing your hair out if you research it. I, too, am a victim of trying to understand this system.

There’s a three tiered system in Nevada, so Hillary ‘won’ in February, and Bernie ‘won’ last night. What that means is that no one exactly ‘won’ yet, but if one candidate can claim victory during the first of the three steps, then the other candidate can claim victory during the second step. Then there’s the third step in May in which eight ‘super delegates’ will be free to choose whomever they want.

But at this point, Bernie Sanders has won more delegates in Nevada than Clinton last night, which gave him a bigger count in that state.

The room was filled with passionate delegates. The problem for the Clinton camp is that many of her supporters/delegates just didn’t show up.


If you’re confused, too, you’re not alone. Consider this top comment on which garnered 2,351 upvotes:

Jesus Christ America… Every time I think I’ve got a handle on caucuses and primaries and super delegates and territories that can’t vote in the general election and politicians deciding they just won’t debate, and high card ties and coin flips, and delegates at large which can be stolen like it’s actually baseball, there’s always something more.

What the hell is this one?

At this point, we can safely say that Sanders has garnered more delegates in Nevada, taking the ‘win’ from Hillary Clinton.

And now we have the delegate count, which is tighter than it was before last night. tried to explain what took place last night and the site is very good at that typically, but if you read the entire article, it might lead to further confusion. It’s not that Heavy didn’t explain it well. It’s that we shouldn’t have such a complicated system.

Police were called it, rumors of cheating hit the internet, delegates were given conflicting information and Hillary supporters and Sanders’ supporters are slap-fighting all over Twitter.

Regardless of baseless claims of ‘cheating,’ there is no proof of such. The two sides are just arm-wrestling.

Full disclosure: I’m personally a Bernie supporter but I’ll vote for any democrat over the choices Republicans are offering.

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