‘Daddy’ Trump Takes His Little Ivanka Everywhere — Even If She Shouldn’t Be There


On Wednesday, Donald Trump held talks inside the Oval Office with both Republican and Democratic Congressional leaders. In fact, it appeared that perhaps Trump was more annoyed with Republicans for “failing” him recently than even the media has let on.

According to reports, Trump sided with Democrats Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on the length of a debt ceiling increase. The GOP leadership asked for an 18-month extension, but Trump agreed only to the 3-month plan laid out by Democrats. He even rejected a 6-month compromise from his own party.

That could be good news for Democrats, who wanted the shorter window in order to force another vote on it sooner rather than later, during which they can bargain for concessions on immigration and even healthcare funding.

If it sounds like the meeting was going well, don’t worry. Things returned to abnormally normal when Ivanka entered the room. A Democratic aide said the meeting “careened off topic” when she arrived. The aide noted that the Republicans in the room were visibly annoyed by her presence.

It could be because Donald Trump’s strange relationship with his daughter teeters between bizarre and perverse.

Ivanka flew later in the day to a “tax rally” with her father in North Dakota. In an odd turn, Trump actually pointed out that she had asked him if she could accompany him, but in possibly the creepiest way any father has ever introduced his daughter. After noting that people seem to temper their opinions of him because of her, he went off script: “Sometimes they’ll say ‘you know he can’t be that bad a guy,'”

Okay, that’s officially creepy.

It doesn’t help that we all remember him famously saying if he weren’t, you know, her father, he might be dating her. Neither does it help that she’s not the only one of his own children he has publicly speculated about the physical assets of.

Not that anyone’s seen that girl in a while. His first love has always been Ivanka.

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