Democrats Just Flipped Another Republican-Held Seat In District Trump Won


Democrats just flipped their 36th legislative seat since Donald Trump’s inauguration. A Fox “News” contributor wrote an op-ed for The Hill today titled, “Tired of the left?” No, Mr. Man, in fact, the left is winning. Margaret Good just won a special election for state representative in Florida’s HD-72 tonight in a district that Trump won by 5 points. Good was victorious in winning the battleground seat in Sarasota (South of Tampa) that was held by a Republican.

Trump carried the district by a 51-46 margin which shows a pattern emerging and it speaks volumes about the political environment, especially after Democrat Doug Jones won a Senate seat in deep-red Alabama. Trump endorsed Luther Strange, then Roy Moore in Alabama, and yet, both of them lost.

The Hill reports:

With all precincts reporting, attorney Margaret Good (D) took 52 percent of the vote, ousting Sarasota real estate agent James Buchanan (R).

Good won despite Buchanan’s well-known name: His father, Rep. Vern Buchanan (R), owned some of the largest car dealerships in the area. He now represents a district in Congress that includes the legislative seat in which his son ran.

What this means is that Trump’s name is toxic. So is the Republican party’s brand as it stands behind Trump, a man plagued with scandals during his first year in office. Americans are fed up with the greed, corruption, and lies. Let Trump call this special election ‘fake news’ while we kick his ass at the polls. The Resistance is working while Trump watches TV during his ‘executive time.’ Trump is trying to pass his cruel budget which won’t balance, while he tries to gut necessary programs for the poor and elderly. Keep it up, GOP. Republicans are winning seats for us.

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Image via YouTube screen capture. 

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