Democrats Pushing Bill To Create Panel That Could Remove Trump From Office

Donald Trump
Donald Trump bristling at a question during one of the campaign debates. Featured image via video screen capture

President Donald Trump’s Twitter meltdowns have caused plenty of concern, especially regarding his mental health, and one Democratic Congressman from Maryland has introduced a novel approach to dealing with this. And it might result in Trump being ousted as President.

Trump has had a lot of meltdowns…and it’s cause for concern

The freshman Congressman in question, Rep. Jamie Raskin, is urging his colleagues to lend their support to a bill that could unseat Trump if he’s deemed mentally or physically unfit to fulfill his job, CNN reports.

Raskin hopes to create an 11-member commission mainly consisting of physicians and psychiatrists — known more formally as the “Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity.” The panel would examine the President to determine if he is physically and mentally competent to do the job.

Two members of the commission would be former high-ranking officials — presidents, vice presidents, attorneys general or secretaries of state

This may well be a long shot, but Raskin is citing the 25th Amendment of the Constitution as his legal backup. This amendment was adopted in 1967 and based on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to set in place procedures should the president become incapacitated. So far, 20 Democrats have signed on to the measure as of Thursday.

But the President can refuse to step down, and if that happens, two-thirds of the House and the Senate can vote to force his ouster, The Hill reports. On Friday, Raskin said,

The 25th Amendment was adopted 50 years ago, but Congress has never set up the body it calls for to determine presidential fitness in the event of physical or psychological incapacity. Now is the time to do it.

Concerns have been heightened recently, after his stunning Twitter attacks on Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, who have frequently questioned Trump’s emotional and mental health.

Trump’s tweets were particularly nasty this time around:

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted that Trump was fighting fire with fire and that he usually hits back when he’s criticized. But Trump’s cruel tweets prompted Raskin to take to Twitter himself.

In the aftermath of Trump’s attacks on Scarborough and Brzezinski, Raskin sent emails to his colleagues Thursday, to drum up more support for his bill, Yahoo News reports.

And after what Trump did, who can blame him?

Featured image via video screen capture

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