Deranged Right-Winger Claims White Middle-Class Males Are ‘Under Massive Attack’ (VIDEO)

What's the biggest problem in America today? Wayne Allyn Root, an avid Trump supporter, thinks it's all those attacks on white middle-class males.
Newsmax Prime via Right Wing Watch.

What’s the biggest problem in America today? Wayne Allyn Root, an avid Trump supporter, thinks it’s all those attacks on white middle-class males.

That’s right. As far as Root’s concerned, the most pressing issue in our nation has nothing to do with global warming, income inequality, corporate control, the GOP’s war on women, or racism in policing. It’s all about how the evil Democratic Party is trying to destroy white middle-class males.

On Monday, the right-wing author went on Newsmax Prime to promote his charmingly-titled new book, Angry White Male: How the Donald Trump Phenomenon is Changing America— and What We Can All Do to Save the Middle Class. What followed was the deranged right-wing rant to end all deranged right-wing rants.

Right Wing Watch got hold of the video with Newsmax Prime host J.D. Hayworth and Wayne Allyn Root.

Root said that Democrats are intent on destroying white middle-class males and that men like him therefore have every right to be outraged about it, just like blacks were angry when they were the victims of slavery and widespread institutional discrimination.

That’s right. This deranged angry white male insists that white middle-class males get the fuzzy end of the lollypop just like black people did. Because Wayne Allyn Root and countless others think racism is a thing of the past.

“We have a right to be angry. Certainly today they don’t say black people, when they were being persecuted, when they were enslaved, when they weren’t allowed to vote, when there were poll taxes, when they were treated like second class citizens, when they were being hosed by policemen in the South, do people today say they had no right to complain and be angry?”


No wonder Wayne Allen Root feels so angry. The plight of angry white middle-class males like him is truly pitiful. Imagine being so stupid and plain old mean you actually believe this shit and think a two-bit charlatan like Donald can “make America GREAT again.”

Oh, wait. That’s not what he’s angry about. He’s angry about our evil big government and President Barack Obama.

“[The Democrats Are] looking to destroy us with taxes, with spending, with regulations, with IRS audits, with Obamacare, with climate change, you name it, we’re being attacked from every direction. [White middle-class males have been] under massive attack in the United States of America for the last 50 years, but particularly, the last eight years of Barack Obama.”

No, Wayne Allen Root. big government, the Democratic Party, and Barack Obama are not what’s causing the anger and despair that stalk our nation’s former middle class in towns across America. The problem is, the majority of us — regardless of color or gender — no longer enjoy the economic security or standard of living we grew up to expect. Our employers no longer pay us a living wage, because we lack any laws or strong unions who can make them do so. Meanwhile, most of the “good jobs” have moved to cities where few of us can afford to live. The problem is that wages used to rise with our productivity, but now the top brass keeps all the money for themselves.

The sooner we stop blaming people for these problems and start voting for people who want to solve these problems, the better off we’ll all be.

White is the new black: Wayne Allyn Root rants about the persecution of white middle-class males.

Featured image: Newsmax Prime via Right Wing Watch.

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