Donald Trump Actually Wants To ‘Close Up’ The Internet


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for closing down the Internet. This is not satire, OK?










The GOP frontrunner said that “We’ve got to maybe do something with the internet,” because it was being used to radicalize people, according to The Independent.

Trump went on to say that he would “see Bill Gates” so that he could look into “closing it up”.

The hotel magnate explained his idea at the very same event where he called for a “complete shutdown” on Muslims entering the United States.

Children in America are “watching the internet and they want to be masterminds”, Trump said in his speech.


“We’re losing a lot of people because of the internet,” Trump said. “We have to see Bill Gates and a lot of different people that really understand what’s happening.”

“We have to talk to them about, maybe in certain areas, closing that internet up in some ways. Somebody will say, ‘Oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people,” he added.

Got it. Freedom of religion is foolish as is Freedom of Speech, according to Donald Trump who wants to ‘Make American great again.”

We don’t think Trump has thought this ought since he’s an avid Twitter user on the Internet. But maybe he just wants to tweet to himself while being very complimentary about – himself.

This man is very dangerous. That is all.

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