Donald Trump Becomes International Laughingstock Over Brexit Tweet


As the global economic fallout continues from UK’s Brexit vote to leave the European Union, you’d think that “billionaire businessman” Donald Trump would give the issue at least five minutes thought before he jettisoned out a comment in his Twitter page.


As the Trump jet touched down in Scotland, the Twitter-addicted GOP presumptive nominee posted this:

Donald, Donald, Donald, your stupidity, it burns.

First, Scotland is a country.

Second, Scotland overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU.

As you can imagine, the social media fallout was fast and furious, especially from angry Scots trolling Trump over his Brexit gaffe.

Here are just a few:

Americans up early also began to blast the Trump; here are just two of the many to come throughout the day, we’re sure:

It got even worse.

As Trump arrived at the ninth hole of his new Scotland golf course for a press conference, he was interrupted by a protester, who was swiftly removed as Trump shouted at him to “Go get a job and a haircut”.

When journalists asked Trump his thoughts on the momentous Brexit vote, he had a lot to say. Not about Brexit, about his new golf course and other Trump properties.

“As you know I own Doonbeg in Ireland, a phenomenal hotel. One of the most beautiful hotels. One of the most highly rated hotels in all of Europe and it’s got a golf course on this large almost 500-acre parcel of land, on the Atlantic Ocean, and does great. I own Turnberry. I own Aberdeen,” Trump said.

For what it’s worth, when The Hollywood Reporter asked his thoughts on Brexit earlier this month, Trump responded with one word: “Huh?” And when the journalist interviewing him proceeded to explain what Brexit was, Trump gave us one of his Mensa-like responses: “Oh yeah, I think they should leave.”

As recently as Wednesday, Trump said he didn’t think his opinion on Brexit Remain/Leave referendum mattered since he didn’t know much about the issues involved.

“I don’t think anybody should listen to me because I haven’t really focused on it very much,” Trump told Fox News.

Suddenly today he’s become an expert, claiming that, like his supporters, UK “people want to take their country back.” He just didn’t know which country, because it damn well wasn’t Scotland.

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