Donald Trump Does An About Face; Carly Fiorina OK-Looking Enough For Intelligence Post


Former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina met with her political nemesis president-elect Donald Trump at his Trump Tower digs Monday, reportedly discussing Fiorina becoming America’s top spy.

Yup, the very same woman who Trump intimated was too ugly to be president met with Fiorina, who referred to Trump as the Kim Kardashian of politics, to discuss her becoming his National Director of Intelligence (TRANSLATION: His top intelligence adviser and the person who oversees the U.S. Intelligence Community and National Intelligence Program.)

Does it get any funnier?

Since Trump has gone nuclear on the evidence gathered by the CIA and other intelligence agencies that the Kremlin intervened in the election, helping hand him the win, can you imagine the conversation?

“Forget all that CIA nonsense about Russia, Carly, I want to make China our #1 enemy.”

“Sure, Donald, anything I can do for you, just ask.”

And guess what? It’s not so far from the truth. Speaking with the press following their meeting, Fiorina echoed Trump’s skepticism about the Russian hacking and, like Trump, referred to China as our #1 adversary.

“[We] spent a fair amount of time talking about China as probably our most important adversary and a rising adversary. We talked about hacking, whether it’s Chinese hacking or reported Russian hacking,” Fiorina said, using Trump’s rebuke of evidence gathered by US intelligence that Russia was behind the hacking during the elections.

No doubt if Fiorina is selected and confirmed, Trump will have her fire everyone in the U.S. intelligence community who believes Russia intervened in the election, handing Trump the win.

“We talked about the opportunity that the president elect has to literally reset things, to reset the trajectory of this economy, to reset the role of government, to reset America’s role in the world and how we’re perceived in the world,” Fiorina continued.

“The high quality of people that he’s named already says so much about his executive abilities,” she continued.

This from the woman who bashed Donald Trump through the entire GOP primary; the woman who, when she dropped out the race, partnered with Trump’s adversary Ted Cruz as his vice presidential partner, and the same woman who told Trump to drop out of the race when his “Access Hollywood” tape was leaked.


The hypocrisy, it burns!

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