Donald Trump Files Objection And Has Michigan Recount Postponed


Officials in Wisconsin are preparing to conduct a full statewide recount of the votes from the 2016 election after a request was filed by Jill Stein. The Green Party candidate filed a request for a recount in Michigan but Not-My-President-Elect Donald Trump is trying to stop it even though he said throughout his campaign that the election would be rigged. And he said that recently, too, when he claimed that millions of people voted illegally.

On Thursday, Trump filed an objection with the Michigan Bureau of Elections over the vote recount in Michigan.

Law Newz reports:

According to a statement from Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, recount activities will be postponed pending a decision on the objection by the Board of State Canvassers. The Board is scheduled to consider Trump’s objection on Friday, and will have five days to make a decision. The recount was supposed to begin in two counties on Friday, and in other counties over the weekend.

Trump’s objection states that Stein is not an “aggrieved” party because she came in fourth place in the election, and “is therefore not entitled to a recount.” Trump also argues that a recount would not be finished in time for the Electoral College to place their votes.

The recount could end if the Board of State Canvassers side with Trump, however, if they rule against Trump, the recount will continue on the second business day following their decision.

Trump’s claim of “millions of people” voting illegally is adorable considering that only 4 cases of voter fraud in the presidential election have been discovered. And you guessed it – the cases of voter fraud were committed by Trump supporters. In one case, the woman explained why she did it by saying, “The polls are rigged,” echoing another of Trump’s complaints.

Hillary Clinton is leading the popular vote by 2.5 million.










Trump is acting like he didn’t win the election legitimately. Why so afraid of a recount?

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