Donald Trump Jr: GOP Nominating Process Is Just Like ‘Communist China’


What is it with Donald Trump? Seriously, all he’s done since he entered the GOP primary in June 2015 is whine and complain he’s being treated unfairly by the Republican establishment and its primary process.

Get real, Donald. You’re being treated no differently than any other candidate who has tossed his hat into the presidential ring, and every other Republican in this race who actually knows how the system works. And if your big claim to fame is the “Art of the Deal,” than deal with it!

Even worse, now Donald Jr. is whining to everyone about the nomination process. In a recent radio interview with Sean Hannity the son of the GOP front-runner went ballistic discussing the Republican presidential nominating process and the way delegates are assigned. At one point he even compared it to living in “communist China.”

“I mean, that’s almost mind-boggling. I mean, I feel like we’re living in communist China, it’s ridiculous,”
said Donald Jr.


Oh my f*cking god, seriously? Communist China?!? Have you ever been to the People’s Republic of China, junior?

Here in America you and your siblings, Donald Jr., are able to do a lot of things you can’t do in China, so the comparison is incredibly ignorant. America is a democratic republic, China is not. And guess what, there is no free press in China, so you wouldn’t be able to do interviews like the one you did with Sean Hannity, complaining about the government the entire time.

Also, dead spoiled son of a billionaire, did you know that in China you can’t cross the great firewall. The internet is limited and quite censored. Your father could never make it there because, guess what, Twitter is outlawed. He’d have to find another method for insulting people and being a bully. Oh, by the way, Facebook is also outlawed. And Google. You know what else is forbidden? Gambling. Tell that to your father who just loves to build “Trump” casinos and bankrupt them.

Donald Trump, the candidate, has repeatedly called the GOP delegate system “rigged” by party insiders and “totally unfair.” Like his father, Donald Jr. argues that the delegate selection system didn’t accurately represent the way the people voted.

“The RNC and everyone has been pushing this for a year, ‘you got to watch all the debates because your vote counts and your vote matters. Oh, guess what it actually doesn’t. We were just kidding,’” Trump Jr. said.
He argued that process “destroys the party in the long run.” He said his father, meanwhile, has “given a voice to the people.

Oh really? Did you and your father complain so much back in 2000, when Democratic nominee for president Al Gore received the majority of the national popular vote but the presidency went to George W. Bush instead?

The Trumps. Nothing more than a family who just loves to bitch about America and tell us it’s not great anymore.

Well guess what, America is already great and you don’t have to do anything, Donald Trump, to make it great again — except drop out or lose the nomination. Once that happens, all will be well in the world.

Image: Lindsay Beyerstein via Flickr.

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