Donald Trump Literally Talks To Voters At Fourth-Grade Level


“How stupid are our leaders?” Donald Trump said when announcing his Presidential campaign. “How stupid are they?”



















As it happens, the GOP frontrunner’s choice of words and short, simple sentences, show that Trump’s speech could have been comprehended by a fourth-grader.

So either Trump is ‘stupid’ or he’s trying to garner support from nine-year-olds.

The Boston Globe reports:

The Globe reviewed the language used by 19 presidential candidates, Democrats and Republicans, in speeches announcing their campaigns for the 2016 presidential election. The review, using a common algorithm called the Flesch-Kincaid readability test that crunches word choice and sentence structure and spits out grade-level rankings, produced some striking results.

The Republican candidates — like Trump — who are speaking at a level easily understood by people at the lower end of the education spectrum are outperforming their highfalutin opponents in the polls. Simpler language resonates with a broader swath of voters in an era of 140-character Twitter tweets and 10-second television sound bites, say specialists on political speech.

The algorithm reveals that Trump is speaking at the lowest level — from Democrats or Republicans.

The hotel magnate used fewer characters per word in his announcement speech, fewer syllables per word, and his sentences were shorter than all other candidates.

Trump’s speeches are filled with words like “huge,” “terrible,” “beautiful.”

Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilmore, who are both faring badly in the polls, are structuring sentences above a 10th-grade level, according to the algorithm.

Ben Carson, a former neurosurgeon, who has maintained a second-place ranking in the polls, communicates with voters at a sixth-grade level.

Hillary Clinton’s speeches are up to par for eighth-graders, according to the Boston Globe.

Bernie Sanders’s strong critiques weigh him in at the 10th grade level, according to the algorithm.

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