Donald Trump Robot Visits Louisiana, Hands Out Play-Doh To Flood Victims (VIDEO)


Despite his rhetoric about loving blue collar (white) Americans, reality show star Donald Trump has never been comfortable up close with the proletarian masses, and you can really see it in this raw video of his visit to flood-ravaged Louisiana.

After deplaning with his running mate Mike Pence and shaking lots of hands at the airport, Trump can be seen visiting a water-damaged home. Subdued almost to the point of sedation, he distractedly listens to local citizens, shakes hands, and feigns interest in the area’s lack of flooding history. Governor Pence seems to interact the most, and whereas he has lost his suit jacket as if to appear ready for reconstruction work, Trump wears his coat and signature hat the whole time.

It’s almost like he can’t feel the heat that’s got everyone else wearing short sleeves. Is he a robot?

Being a photo-op, this is normally where candidates show their sensitivity by embracing the common people and asking what they can do to help. Instead, a clunky clockwork Trump has the most awkward man-hug ever, then pats a white-haired woman rather firmly on the shoulder like a teammate, at about seven minutes into the video.

Leaving the scene to visit a high school gymnasium now in need of a new floor, robot Trump seems to leave little impression on anyone, remaining strangely detached. Is he really human? Watch:

Everything you see here is exactly what Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards asked Trump not to do if he visited the state. President Obama has so far chosen to heed the governor’s request to stay away so that the massive security arrangements that always accompany such a visit don’t disrupt rescue and recovery efforts.

No one can tell Trump what to do, however, and he evidently saw an opportunity to score political points by going where Obama won’t. What remains to be seen is whether he will come through with any kind of charitable or practical contribution.

Gov. Edwards has had nothing but praise for the federal response. Unlike the horrific tragedy which took place after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Obama made federal aid available as soon as Edwards asked, and help has been flowing into Louisiana at a steady rate.

Appearing on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow last night, Edwards mentioned Homeland Security Security Secretary Jeh Johnson’s tour of the afflicted area yesterday, and explained that he is in daily contact with Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Craig Fugate as well as the commander of the Army National Guard.

The one thing Edwards saw as lacking was a wider social response. “Without awareness around the country, the American Red Cross, for example, probably isn’t receiving the resources it should.”

That may be due in part to the media preoccupation with election news this week, as Trump ‘shook up‘ his campaign.

So will Trump come through with real aid? Given his scammy history with charitable fundraising, we should probably expect him to over-promise and under-deliver.

I mean, just look at what he delivered in Louisiana today: Play-Doh.

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