Donald Trump Says To Vote For Him On November 28th (VIDEO)


Reality show star-turned-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump seems to be feeling the pressure of his collapsing poll numbers. Or maybe he’s confused by the existence of ‘early voting’ and thinks there’s such a thing as ‘late voting.’

In his latest gaffe, Donald told supporters they should turn out to vote for him nearly three weeks after Election Day. While it is hardly the worst thing he has said lately, it is probably the funniest.

Speaking to a rally crowd in Panama City, Florida last night, Donald said “Go and register. Make sure you get out and vote, November 28.” Of course, Election Day is actually on November 8th. Watch:


Although you might expect Hillary Clinton to get behind this idea and encourage those Americans who are determined to vote for her opponent to show up late, such election tactics are frowned upon, even if they are fairly common. Huntsville, Alabama radio shock jock Dale Jackson was suspended from his show in 2009 for a ‘humorous’ fake press release that encouraged Democrats to vote the day after a local election.

Furthermore, Donald is already doing a great job of repelling voters from the polls himself — particularly women.

As statistician Nate Silver points out, the gender gap this year is so huge that if women alone were allowed to vote, Trump would lose the Electoral College 458-80. The candidate has gotten to this point by making countless offensive sexist statements and bragging about sexual assault in an ‘Access Hollywood’ video that came to light last weekend.

Looming over Hillary Clinton on the debate stage Sunday night did nothing to improve Donald Trump’s image as a creep, either, nor did his press conference with four women who have accused Bill Clinton.

Without a doubt, a substantial majority of female voters will show up on the right day to vote against Donald — even if his supporters don’t.

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