Donald Trump To Confused Pittsburgh Crowd: ‘How’s Joe Paterno’ Doing? (VIDEO)


Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump asked a crowd in Pittsburgh on Wednesday how Joe Paterno, the former head coach of the Penn State football team, was doing. The only problem is that Paterno died in 2012.

Trump asked, “How’s Joe Paterno? We gonna bring that back?”

And again, because what the f*ck?

According to reports, the crowd was confused.

Who knows what the GOP front-runner meant. He just says words, any words at all.

The GOP front-runner tried to raise the dead. Even worse, he tried to raise a man from the dead who famously died right after he was let go as a result of the infamous child abuse scandal that was reported in the media 24/7.

Trump asked, “Are we going to bring that back? How about that whole deal?” Maybe the bombastic billionaire candidate should stick to talking about walls (that’s another thing he knows nothing about) and his poll numbers.

The hotel magnate was reading from his notes, but later his campaign alleged that he was speaking of the bronze statue of Paterno which was torn down in 2012 amid the controversy. And yet, that was not on his notes. Trump, who blasts others for using a teleprompter (he’s used one as well) and instead read from his notes, which were obviously written in gibberish. He didn’t say ‘statue’ because he wasn’t prepared. He just used a word that would be familiar with the people of Pittsburgh and it just had to be Paterno.

Because Paterno came under fire over his alleged role in covering up the abuses of former coach Jerry Sandusky.

Sandusky was convicted and sentenced to 30-60 years in prison. Next, Trump will be calling for Sandusky to be released from prison.

Trump’s gaffe isn’t a shock to most people It’s what he does but at least he’s consistent.

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