Donald Trump To War-Whooping Right-Wing Radio Host: ‘Whatever You Do, Don’t Apologize’


“Whatever you do, don’t apologize,” Donald Trump told right-wing radio host Howie Carr as they lounged in his private jet.

“You never hear me apologize, do you? That’s what killed Jimmy the Greek way back. Remember? He was doing okay ’til he said he was sorry.”

Not that Howie Carr had any intention of doing any such thing, but this explains a lot about how Donald Trump’s mind works.

Mein Trumpf was, of course, referring to a recent campaign event in Bangor, Maine. While introducing His Hairness, Howie Carr got raked over the coals for mocking Elizabeth Warren with war whoops. Because it’s totally okay to insult a culture if you’re accusing someone else of appropriating that culture, right?

Howie Carr learns loving Donald Trump means never having to say you’re sorry.

In his op-ed for the Boston Herald, Howie Carr defiantly declared.

Not to worry, I wasn’t going to say I was sorry for mentioning the name of the fake Indian and then doing a few seconds of a war whoop. About an hour earlier, I had been at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, warming up a crowd of maybe 5,000 Trump supporters for Gov. Paul LePage before he introduced The Donald at a weekday rally.

Howie Carr then tosses in a little humble brag about that flash of genius that inspired the war whoop he’d likely been planning all along.

“I was speaking extemporaneously when I free-associated Fauxchohantas’ name, and suddenly a war whoop seemed appropriate for the occasion.”

But really, Howie Carr wanted to see if he could take the vileness up a notch and was testing the waters. Instead of flinching, Donald Trump’s campaign smirked and gave its approval.

Moments after I left the stage, one of Trump’s aides handed me his cellphone, with a fresh headline from Politico:

“Boston radio host at Trump event mocks Warren with war whoops.”

The Trump guy smiled. “That didn’t take long.”


Donald Trump tells Howie Carr his supporters don’t know what “xenophobe” means.

Howie Carr then mockingly describes a Donald Trump protest

I’d joined the Trump entourage earlier, in downtown Boston at the Langham Hotel. As usual, a few hundred anti-Trump protesters had somehow managed to get the day off from their jobs — that’s a joke, get it? — in order to speak truth to power.

But Donald Trump doesn’t care about the sign that calls him a “RACIST SEXIST BIGOT FASCIST XENOPHOBE ISLAMOPHOBE TRUMP.” Why? Because, as the Slumlord Billionaire explains, he thinks his followers are too stupid to know what the words “xenophobe” and “nativist” mean.

“Hillary’s called me a ‘xenophobe’ a few times. How many people even know what the word means? Same with ‘nativist.’ ”

If you’re totally disgusted at this point, you’d better grab a barf bag or leave the room. It’s about to get even grosser, because this legend-in-his-own-lunchtime is about to order lunch.

It was fun being on the Boeing 757 with Trump. Before the flight from Boston to Bangor, he’d ordered lunch for the crew — McDonald’s all the way. Not an affectation like Hillary at Chipotle — he tore off the buns (“Do you know how many calories you save that way?”) and then doused the patties with ketchup before gobbling them down.


Featured image: Courtesy of Howie Carr via the Boston Herald.

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