Donald Trump Totally Insults Obama – Twitter Responds Hilariously (TWEETS)

Donald Trump uses air quotes to delegitimize President Obama.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has yet again questioned the legitimacy of President Barack Obama as president.

During a Bangor, Maine rally, Trump was commenting on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s plan to bring in refugees from Syria when he used air quotes while referring Obama as president.

She wants 550 percent more coming in from Syria than the thousands and thousands that our president, quote president, has coming in.

Of course, we can’t forget Trump started the whole birther conspiracy in which he claimed Obama was not born in the United States and called for his birth certificate to be released. Obama relented and released his birth certificate which did indicate that he’s a US citizen born in the United States. Trump recently claimed the Clinton campaign started the birther conspiracy, but he ended it.

Twitter did not fail to deliver with hilarious tweets in response to Trump’s use of air quotes.

@ABCPolitics @realDonaldTrump Well Trump’s an “asshole” with or without quotes.

When one tweeter questioned whether air quotes were worth making the news, other users responded (again hilariously) tweeting:

@Mina001 @ABCPolitics @realDonaldTrump @ABC You are being disingenuous. A major party candidate implicitly delegitimizing the Prez is news.

@stglsh1 @Mina001 @ABCPolitics @realDonaldTrump @ABC or a POTUS candidate so stupid he doesn’t understand using quotations. Both news IMO.

@ABCPolitics @realDonaldTrump I don’t think that means what you think it does, Trump.

@ABCPolitics @realDonaldTrump I suggest we use quote marks around “human” when referring to Trump.

@ABCPolitics @realDonaldTrump @ABC Says the Captain of the 2016 Titanic.

@ABCPolitics @ABC @realDonaldTrump he’s one deplorable “man”. I bet many women cringe when they see his “hands”

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