Donald Trump Turns News Conference Into Press Clusterf*ck (VIDEO)


Donald Trump had a bad week, and today he made it worse. As The Week reports, Trump held a truly bizarre news conference this morning at his Trump Towers office, in which he totally went off the rails on the press and more.

OMFG, I don’t know where to begin. I watched the presser live on TV and my head hurts. So do my ears (his whining) and my eyes (Trump’s hair was dyed like flaxen wheat, more gold than the letters on his glitzy tower).

First things first. Trump told everyone that had gathered it wasn’t anybody’s business which veterans groups got the money.

WTF?!? Of course it is, especially the business of all the donors and the veterans groups on the receiving end of their generosity.

After months of controversy over Trump’s fundraiser for vets, today was the first day he responded to three key questions everyone has wanted to know for months:

Who’d you donate the money to?
How much did you give them?
Why did it take so long?

“All $6 million has been paid out to veterans groups,” Trump said. “I brought a list just in case that question was asked.”

He also said this: “We’ve raised $5.6 million. And more will come.”

So which is it, Donald? Six million or $5.6 million?

“You have to vet all these different groups. Most of the money has gone out. Some has recently gone out. All of this has gone out,” Trump said.

So which is it, Donald? Most, some or all?

“Check have been delivered, checks have been cashed,” Trump said.

Then Trump reached into his suit jacket and took a few sheets of paper. After berating the press and bragging a bit more, he finally read off a list of groups who had received money, instructing journalists to write down the names of the veteran groups and the amounts they received if they wanted to get hold of them. When he was done reading them all, he stuffed the papers back into his jacket.

No copies of his remarks were distributed.

“You can call these people [to verify],” Trump said.

He also claimed that “zero dollars have been taken out of the monies raised for administration purposes.”

Do tell, Donald? How do we know that to be true without proof you won’t give anyone?

If that wasn’t strange enough, the news conference got even more weird when Trump went on a yuuuuge tirade about the press, that started with this statement:

“The press in many cases are not good people.”

He also said, “I think the political press is the most dishonest.”

Trump just wouldn’t let up. He even pointed at one ABC journalist and called him “sleaze.”

“The press should be ashamed of themselves. And on behalf of the vets, the press should be ashamed,” Trump claimed.

Trump said that he didn’t want to take credit for raising millions of dollars for the veteran groups, all the while he kept taking credit.

“You make me look very bad,” Trump whined. “I’ve never received such bad publicity for doing something good.”

And then he went further. Trump accused Hillary Clinton of planting the group of protesters in front of Trump Tower. She did not, he was lying. Protesters,were there, but they said it was because of a story that broke this morning in the Washington Post.

The story began:

Last week — after intense pressure from the news media — Trump made good on a promise he had made in January. He gave $1 million of his own money to a charity for veterans. (Trump called this reporter “a nasty guy” after I asked him whether my questions had prompted him to finally give the money.)

Truth is, it was Donald Trump who started the whole charade about the donations to veterans.

During the presser Trump also went on to attack the judge in his Trump University lawsuit case and other leading Republicans who do not stand with him and/or with whom he disagrees.

It was a clusterf*ck, not a news conference.

Look, I think it’s great that these groups are getting money, and Trump claimed they were getting money, but the monies first went to the Trump Foundation and that’s that. Trump has claimed his foundation has donated much money, but there’s no record of that. He says a lot of things he doesn’t follow through on and there’s a record of that.

In the news conference, Trump also said he’s holding funds from some veterans groups until they’re properly vetted. Oh, the irony, considering he as the GOP candidate for POTUS has not yet been properly and fully vetted. Trump still has not released his tax forms, as example.

And while he goes on and on about Hillary Clinton’s email problem, he’s got a ton of problems of his own. Cases in point: 100+ outstanding Federal lawsuits v. Trump.

In case you want to learn more about the history of the veterans money matter, here’s a bit of backlog for you:

Donald Trump backed out of the Iowa Presidential debate with his fellow Republican candidates because he was feuding with Fox News. Instead of participating in that debate he held a fundraiser for veterans. Large and small donors entrusted all the monies raised to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, a charity the Donald controls. He promised to act as a middleman and give their money to 22 veterans charities

When the fundraising event was over, Trump claimed they had cracked the $6 million mark. And all the monies raised were to be disbursed.

Within months, there appeared to be a discrepancy about the actual amount of monies raised, with Trump saying it was $6 million, and Trump’s campaign saying different. In fact, when questions were raised about the amount — and where the money actually is and/or went — back in April, Trump’s campaign advisor said:

“I could ask, but it’s not high on my priority list.”

Boy was he wrong.

Flash forward to today, just one day after Memorial Day, when Trump was forced to hold this presser in order to explain everything he refused to discuss for months. Trump repeated his $6 million claim, but just last week the Trump campaign drastically lowered the amount of monies raised.

Watch, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

And that’s all, folks.

What happens next is all on Donald Trump.

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