Dr. Sanjay Gupta Calls Bullsh*t On Donald Trump And His Doctor’s Letter (VIDEO)


Way back in December Donald Trump had his family doctor write and release a letter on the state of the candidate’s health that had everyone scratching their heads WTF?!?

CNN‘s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a real doctor, returned to the scene of the medical crime and came to the same conclusion as everyone else: Trump’s doctor letter is bonkers.

Wanna see my shocked face?


Gupta told CNN news host Ashleigh Banfield that he didn’t didn’t even now what to make of the letter, but he pointed viewers to some of its most glaring errors.

“‘Astonishingly excellent’ was another term that was used. These just aren’t terms that are used by the medical community. So I don’t know where they come from.

It says they showed only positive results. Now it’s funny in medicine, because when something is good we say it’s a negative result. Meaning, that it did not appear when we did an exam. Positive results actually means quite the opposite. Calling things “test scores” instead of results. His PSA “test score” was this, as if it was the SAT exam instead of a blood test. It’s a strange letter that’s absurd to look at it on face value.

Trump and his fact-challenged spokespersons didn’t go to medical school, but the sure like to play doctors on TV. They have tried to turn everyone’s attention away from Trump’s questionable health and have gone on medical attack against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Swirling up a tornado of false claims, they’ve implied she suffers everything from low stamina and aphasia to Parkinson’s disease.

As Donald himself might say, this Trump campaign tactic is a really “sad” and “pathetic” attempt to sway public opinion. Admittedly, Trump supporters (aka Clinton haters) may buy into their lies, but we all know these Trumpsters don’t need no stinkin’ facts.

While Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a full medical report on her health, Trump’s health situation seems questionable. One look at this man’s erratic behavior, inability to complete a thought, overabundance of energy and apparent lack of need for sleep is all it takes to see this man’s got a problem of some sort.

Trump’s medical letter, supposedly written by his longtime family doctor, Harold Bornstein, could have simply been written by the grammar and spelling-challenged candidate himself. It exhibits many of the same errors in Trump speeches and social media posts. And don’t forget it exhibits a lot of medical mistakes, too.

Dr. Bornstein wrote, for example, that Donald Trump would be “unequivocally” the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

What intelligent, real medical practitioner on this good earth would write that? It’s a joke, right?

As Dr. Gupta discussed:

“Whether you’re a doctor or not, that degree of hyperbole [claiming Trump would be the healthiest president ever] and these types of words being used is very unusual. People don’t write like that, that this is ‘the healthiest ever.’ First of all, they couldn’t substantiate. How do you know that someone is the healthiest ever?

There’s all sorts of language with that: ‘Strength and stamina are extraordinary.’ What does that mean exactly?”

And get this: the letter seems to have been written in a Microsoft Word font that’s identical to the letterhead of the doctor. And Dr. Bornstein’s email address isn’t a medical office, it’s a Gmail account. Seriously?

Even if I possessed the IQ of Trump’s average voter, I know fake when I see it. My guess is the man has more than medical problems, he’s got psychological issues, too.

The American Psychiatric Association prohibits its members from psychoanalyzing presidential candidates, dating back to the days of Barry Goldwater. Regardless, assistant professor of psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine Matthew Goldenberg penned an editorial published in The Los Angeles Times. In the op-ed he wrote, “I don’t have a public opinion on Trump. As a citizen, I certainly do.”

Goldenberg’s professional opinion?

The lessons I learned in kindergarten — not in medical school and years of psychiatric practice — are what tell me that Trump is unfit for the job.

You can read read Trump’s doctor letter here if you want a good laugh. Some of the one-liners in the letter are better than the ones that come from late night TV shows. For instance, the doctor writing that all of of Donald Trump’s medical tests revealed “positive results.”

Positive results? Seriously? Heck, even in layman terms, we know that positive results means the man IS suffering everything from diabetes and STDs to a low white blood cell count and vitamin D deficiency.

What real doctor writes that?!?

Like I said, better than comedy.

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