Drumpf Finally Realizes ‘People Really F*cking Hate Me’

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This is JUST now dawning on him? How thick is he? Nevermind… don’t answer that. We don’t have all day. Suffice it to say that if he is just now realizing this after so many months of constant backlash on his Twitter feed he is pretty darn thick.

According to Axios reporter Mike Allen:

A Trump adviser says that after a tumultuous seven months in office, it had finally dawned on the president: “People really [email protected]&@ing hate me.”

There might be a new Trump on the horizon (but probably not). He did step across the aisle to make a deal with Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. From Business Insider:

Trump sided with congressional Democrats to bundle Hurricane Harvey relief funds, a three-month debt-limit increase, and a three-month continuing resolution to keep the government funded. The decision pitted Trump against leaders of his own party who wanted a longer extension on the debt ceiling.

Republican leaders wanted a longer extension on the debt-limit increase:

House Speaker Paul Ryan had hours earlier called a three-month debt-limit increase “ridiculous” and said Democrats were trying to “play politics” by suggesting tying in aid for Harvey relief.

According to those ‘in the know,’ Trump is feeling the pressure of nobody liking him and is actively trying to make people like him again (did we ever?). Because of his narcissistic personality, he only thrives when he is receiving undying adulation. Without that he is a withering, wimping, and whining hunk of emptiness.

Whether this ‘new Trump’ sticks around is yet to be seen. I am doubtful.

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