Drunk Guy Arguing With Girlfriend Accidentally Second Amendments Himself In The Chest


There’s a bright side to this story: No babies were shot after such a remarkable week in child shootings.


A St. Louis man (not pictured) is hospitalized after he “accidentally” shot himself in the chest.

Stuff to know: Booze and guns don’t mix.

Fox 2 Now reports:

Police says he and his girlfriend had been out drinking. They returned to a house on ohio around 12:45am and started arguing. The man pulled out a gun and waved it around. The gun went off, shooting him in the chest.

Waving a loaded gun around is probably not a good idea, HUH?

Reportedly, the unidentified man’s injuries are not life threatening. His ego must have taken a beating though. There were no details offered as to whether charges will be filed nor has he been identified. That’s probably because it’s just another day in America.

Watch courtesy of Fox 2 Now:

Maybe trigger locks aren’t just for child safety after all.

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, a man “accidentally” shot and killed himself at a target range.

When he heard about the death of 22-year-old Keith Twilford at West York Sporting Goods, a gun enthusiast said he “cringed.”

We know how he feels.

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