Dumb Donald Forgot To Take Bobby Pins Out Of His ‘Hair’ For Speech In Mexico (IMAGES)


The optics are everything. Donald Trump, the candidate whose son says he showed “guts” by going to Mexico, one of America’s allies, had bobby pins in his hair while standing next to the Mexican flag.

The Daily News Bin reports:

If Donald Trump’s last minute decision to head down to Mexico and hold a joint press conference with his rival the President of Mexico seemed like a hasty and harebrained panic move on the part of a candidate who seems to be losing his grip, it didn’t help that he forgot to bring an American flag with him to place on stage behind him, meaning he ended up speaking while standing next to a Mexican flag. Worse, the entire trip was such a discombobulated mess that Trump ended up appearing on stage with what appeared to be bobby pins in his hair.


Let’s have a look, shall we?


















And again, just for giggles.















Donald Jr. said on Fox News, “He had the guts to go & take the President of Mexico up on his invitation. My father isn’t afraid of anything.”

Riiight, it takes ‘guts’ to visit an ally. What really took ‘guts’ was showing up with that thing on his head, and bobby pins holding it down as if it might take off at any second. It takes ‘guts’ to treat a country like shit, then show up as if you’re good friends. It takes ‘guts’ to lie to your supporters at every campaign stop saying that Mexico will pay for the wall he wants to build, then lie about it. Wait, guts is the wrong word here. Donald thinks he’s still doing a reality show.

Sure, Donald, that visit was a great idea for another photo-op, that is, if you would have taken the lady things out of your hair first.

Donald is too much of a wussy to show up in African-American communities, but he’ll go to Mexico.

Images: Christina Wilkie via Robert Moore and Adam Shapiro via Twitter.

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